Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Hi, I’m Kevin Kearney, a real

estate broker serving home

buyers and sellers in Marin

and San Francisco counties.


While our Bay Area is a destination

as well, this question

may arise for many reasons:

everything from a desire for

an exciting new destination,

to wanting to be closer to

family and friends.


Whether this is currently

on your mind, or a decision

that’s still a ways off, please

allow me to be your trusted

real estate advisor all along

the way. I’ll provide you the

best insights and resources,

to ensure a smooth transition

whenever the time is right.


My hope is that you’ll visit

my website to fi nd out more

about how I work, and see

how I’ve helped others in

your situation.


Call 415-297-3874 today to

receive my complimentary

“Should I Stay or Should I Go”

guide, with its many useful,

tried-and-true tips.

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